Your Liquor License Specialists

Our team at Alcoholic Beverage License Service takes pride in delivering on-time, statewide liquor license or permit and liquor business consulting services. Our specialists also help you with renewal, brokering, and application processes. When you choose us, we work hard to ensure you get sound advice to obtain a liquor license in Texas.

How We Work

To better serve you, Judith Blankenship, the business owner, and her team make it their priority to keep you updated on new laws that will directly affect you and your business.

We assist you with preparing and processing your applications and renewals for all federal, state, county, and city permits. The license is needed to operate your retail and wholesale levels of business in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Hassle-free Process

Our in-house team expedites the process of obtaining your license and helps you quickly accomplish your goal within the state law's confines. We guide you in determining the specific permits you need to get for your business.

Our experts will also walk you through the entire process of purchasing the license, giving you sound advice, and connecting you up with the right people to make the overall process easy and stress-free.

Alcoholic Beverage License Service